Mark Alan Carrieri​​​​​​​
“The practice of sculpting stone captured me within the first few strikes of the hammer”
A New York City sculptor ~ artist with 30 years of natural stone experience. The artwork offered in this collection was created between 1983 thru 2003. I have been dedicated to the experiences and evolution of sculpting as well as being a master stone mason.
As an artist, the creative process begins intuitively. Shaping stone is a collaboration of thought and a voyage of discovery. The qualities and characteristics of each individual stone, help in suggesting the resulting piece. Seeking a gesture or movement within a specific block, while retaining the maximum amount of material, was always the “challenge”. The aesthetics and design of a piece come from a desire to find my own unique line. I have created original contemporary abstract sculptures that have often been described as “elegant and graceful”. The finish on each piece was as important as the carving, in order to bring out the stone's inner grain, pure color, and true spirit.
Essentially I am a self-taught artist, who has gathered inspiration, knowledge, and technique from a myriad of influences. Pen/ink and watercolor were my early choices of mediums. I began sculpting wood in 1982 and stone at the Art Students League of N.Y.C., attending from 1983-’86, achieving both scholarships and a grant within that time. The grant assisted in establishing a shared Manhattan studio in 1987. Carving limestone and various marble by hand, required absolute concentration and control as part of the sculpting process. When the work is exhibited, people’s comments and impressions make the whole creative experience worthwhile.
In 1986, I began to do sub-contracted stone repairs of city architecture. From 1990 thru 1991, assisted in restoring the Columbus Monument at 59th.St. and Columbus Circle. In 1992 I was hired by a prominent NYC stone company and became a journeyman stonecutter, eventually becoming a project finisher. I have had the privilege of restoring, conserving, and preserving some of New York’s most cherished landmarks, fountains, and monuments within a 30-year career. In 2010, I was honored to cut and texture the Eternal Flame for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. My sculptures have been exhibited in NYC in various galleries including the Union Club Gallery, the Cork Gallery in Lincoln Center, the U.S. Customs House, and the Art Students League Gallery.
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